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Version 3.1

  • World Time major configuration update

  • Daylight Saving Time indication added

Version 3.0

  • WorldTime Clock is now compatible with Windows Vista

  • WorldTime Clock configuration export and import is implemented

  • Clock and reminder configuration is now saved in real time.
    Even if process is killed, all configuration changes will be restored from last save point.

  • New logging subsystem is integrated into WorldTime Clock

  • Hiding Calendar selector, when Clock Display looses input focus or Escape key is pressed

  • Reminders list now shows snoozed reminder date as well as initial due date

Version 2.8

  • Time synchronization progress display is updated.
    New options are: {Do Not Show; Show Full Progress; Show Result Only}

  • New time server added (NIST Intenet Time Service)

  • DST rules for United States and Canada updated (see Energy Policy Act of 2005)

  • Fix: We have fixed crash on start-up in Windows 9x and ME

Version 2.7

  • Clocks now have opacity setting (alpha-channel) (Windows 2000/XP only)

  • We have opened FAQ section for WorldTime Clock

  • Fix: We have fixed crash when timezone was not detected from Windows

  • Fix: We have fixed misplacement of Clocks on multi-display systems

Version 2.6

  • Recurring Time Synchronization is now available when WorldTime Clock is running

  • Show and hide all clocks with a single mouse click

  • New setting: Whether to show Clock Display on top of other windows

  • New setting: Whether Clock Displays should drop shadow (Windows XP & 2003 Server)

  • Fix: We have fixed possible crash, when a new Reminder is added to list with a reminder date prior other reminders

Version 2.5

  • Fonts and Colors for Label, Date and Time of the clock are now customizable independently of one another

  • Copy Clock function is now available to make an exact copy of the clock display and adjust only location or timezone

  • World locations list is slightly updated

  • Fix: We have fixed WorldTime Clock instability on some Windows 2000 machines

Version 2.4

  • The Date may now be displayed for the selected location or timezone. Date Format may be custom or one of predefined formats

  • Flags are now available to customize Clock Display for all locations worldwide. Flag is displayed on Left, Right or Centered

  • Clock displays drop shadows (only in Windows 2000 / XP)

  • Fix: Skins support is improved, Clock Displays now look exactly like WinAmp window

Version 2.3

  • Complete list of Locations and Timezones world-wide is now available for Clock configuration

  • Time synchronization now supports SNTP v3 and v4. Different servers are available for synchronization purposes

  • Clock Display colors and skin settings may now be applied to all other displays at once

  • Clock Display Time Format contain list of predefined formats

  • Doubleclick on the Clock Icon in the system tray to show and hide all Clock Displays at once

  • New Color Selection Dialogs implemented

  • BugFix: Clock Display blinking is fixed, drawing performance improved

  • BugFix: New time format from the US Naval Observatory is supported

Version 2.2

  • You may now display time in as many different timezones as you need. All Displays have individual settings

  • Audio alerts have been added in the Appointment Management System. You can select one of preset sounds or select your favorite sound (.WAV file)

  • Update WorldTime Clock to the most recent version from web site on-line

  • When Reminder Date and Time occurs, you can:

    • Snooze Reminder for some time to be reminded again

    • Dismiss the Reminder

    • Open Reminder for modification

  • BugFix: Installation and uninstallation processes are now aware if the copy of WorldTime Clock is running and close it before proceeding

Version 2.1

  • Clock is now capable of displaying time in Digital and Analog views

  • Synchronize your system time with the US Naval Observatory Master Clock

  • Clock Display background and text colors are customizable

  • User can select whether WoldTime Clock must run on the system's startup

  • WorldTime Clock now supports your Windows XP Visual Themes

  • BugFix: Configuration is now saved correctly, when logging off or shutting down the system

Version 2.0

  • See Calendar with a single left mouse button click. Calendar displays selected Time Zone's current date

  • Set Reminder with a single left mouse button click on the date in Calendar

  • Open Reminders List from the Clock menu to manage your reminders list

  • When Reminder Date and Time occurs, you can:

    • Dismiss the Reminder

    • Open Reminder for modification

    • Close Reminder to be reminded again

  • Apply button in the Configuration Dialog

Version 1.2

  • Clock Display is customizable with WinAmp Skins: Numbers and Text bitmaps are used for Time and Label displaying, Main bitmap is used for Display background

  • When Display Label is hidden you still may see Label on the Display Tip, when you hover the mouse pointer over the Clock Display

  • When Clock Display is hidden you still may see Display Label and Time on the Clock Tip, when you hover the mouse pointer over the Clock Icon in the system tray

  • Clock Display is resizable to accomodate your requirements

Version 1.1

  • Clock Icon in the system tray is grayed when Clock Display is hidden

  • Clock menu can also be accessed by clicking right mouse button on either system tray icon or clock display

  • Custom Clock Label can be assigned to specify location more precisely

  • Clock Label can be hidden if all you need is time display

  • Custom Time Format can be defined for display

  • BugFix: About Box now displays Registered User Name and hides Register button from the dialog for registered users

  • BugFix: Clock Display is being updated whenever system Color scheme or Time is updated

Version 1.0

WorldTime Clock displays a local time in the selected timezone without modification of the local system time. WorldTime Clock uses timezones list, timezone information and daylight settings as defined in your Windows Operating System.


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