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[Q] I just want to ask if it's possible to control "Daylight Saving"?
I did not find any option inside "Setup..." to select to enable/disable "Daylight Saving"

[A] With WorldTime Clock it is not necessary to enable/disable Daylight Saving Time - this will be done automatically, depending on selected country / region rules.
However, in order to give you full control of the clock, you can manually select a specific timezone from the list covering whole world.

[Q] Why clock shadow is not dropped - I'm using Windows XP?

[A] Please, check Windows Desktop settings and enable "Show shadows under menu" effect.

[Q] Is it possible to save WorldTime Clock configuration?

[A] Yes, it is possible from version 3.0.
Choose Configuration / Export... item and specify name for the configuration export file.
To restore configuration choose Configuration / Import... item and select saved configuration file.

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