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Keep In Step With The World Time

WorldTime Clock is a universal time-keeping utility, providing PC users with the most accurate time by synchronizing with atomic time servers and displaying local Time and Date in any Location (or Timezone) around the world.

These functions along with build-in scheduler, customizable look-and-feel and compact size make WorldTime Clock a must-to-have application for those users, who have friends, family or business affairs around the world.

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"Is Your PC Clock Synchronized?"

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Every PC user knows that there is an internal clock in the computer. However not everyone knows that computer clock is not absolutely accurate, that time difference could be up to several minutes in a year and that every two workstations in the same office will display different time unless you will take care about time synchronization.

WorldTime Clock will take care of you PC internal clock, synchronizing it with the U.S. Naval Observatory, an offical Source of Time for the US and world-wide. Your clock can be synchronized periodically, on program startup, or manually, giving you complete control over the time!

"What is the World Time Now?"

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WorldTime Clock will display the local time in the selected time zone every time you need it. You don't need to update your local system settings or launch an internet browser when Internet is slow or unavailable - just run the WorldTime Clock.

With a single mouse click you will see the time you need. Another click hides the display and frees the display space for your work items.

Take a few moments to see WorldTime Clock screen-shots here.

"Appointment Management"

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WorldTime Clock with the powerful Appointment Management system will simplify your personal time management routines.

Do you have important business call, family event or friend's birthday? Do you remember how many hours back or forward are they now? Start thinking about their time as local time. You can:

  • Add an appointment reminder easy with only two mouse clicks

  • Write a memo within the reminder describing this event

  • There's enough space to save even appointment agenda!

Using WorldTime Clock you will never miss events with your friends and family or appointments with your business partners around the globe.

"Personalize Your Clock!"

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Are you classic-styled? Make your Desktop Clock a Wall Clock displaying the time in the classic, Analog view.

Are you modern? Use the modern, Digital Display to see the time.

Are you bored with standard Clock Displays? Are you looking for something fresh and distinguishing? Personalize your WorldTime Clock with WinAmp 2 Skins NOW!.
Thousands of Skins are available on the Internet, so you will definitely find the one, which exactly matches your taste!

Take a few moments to see customization here.

"Why Register?"

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EffTex Development, Inc. offers you a free 30-days trial to evaluate the WorldTime Clock and if you are satisfied with your evaluation, you can become a registered user.

For Registered Users we guarantee:

  • Full technical support within 24 hours.

  • Get FREE new versions and updates.

  • NO annoying nag-screens.


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